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Episode 26 “I Only Wanna Be With You”

9 Sep

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“I never thought I’d say that on this show but that’s pretty weird”

Our friend Ralph Guerra tells Justin, Kristie, and Matty Chymbor (Episode 7), a beautiful, heartfelt story about his one and only one night stand.

Listen here to hear Episode Twenty Six: “I Only Wanna Be With You”

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Check out Ralph Guerra at: www.ralphguerracomedy.com
Check out Matty Chymbor on Twitter at: @mattychymbor

Episode 14: “Guilt Cream”

17 Jun

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Comedian Joe Dosch discovers that volunteer work brings out the worst in people.

Listen here to Episode Fourteen: “Guilt Cream”

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Episode Seven: Immaculate Contraction

29 Apr

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Our friend Matty comes on and tells Justin and Kristie about the time he got a STD twice.. from the same girl!
Listen here to Episode Seven: “Immaculate Contraction”

Episode Six: A Great Guy

22 Apr

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Comedian Richard Bain tells Justin and Kristie what it’s like living next door to a pimp and why you can’t pay strippers with a check.
Listen here to Episode Six: “A Great Guy”

Episode Five: Stranger Danger

15 Apr

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Comedian Drew Lynch tells Justin and Kristie about his awkward experience at a thrift store and why he will no longer do favors for strangers.
Listen here to Episode Five: “Stranger Danger”

Episode Three: Hydrogen Peroxide

31 Mar

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We talk with comedians Raj Sharma and Tone Bell from NBC’S “Whitney” about practical uses for hydrogen peroxide. Recorded live at the Improv in Addison Texas.
Listen here to Episode Three: “Hydrogen Peroxide”

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