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Episode Seven: Immaculate Contraction

29 Apr

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Our friend Matty comes on and tells Justin and Kristie about the time he got a STD twice.. from the same girl!
Listen here to Episode Seven: “Immaculate Contraction”

Episode Six: A Great Guy

22 Apr

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Comedian Richard Bain tells Justin and Kristie what it’s like living next door to a pimp and why you can’t pay strippers with a check.
Listen here to Episode Six: “A Great Guy”

Episode Four: Not Alice!

8 Apr

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Justin and Kristie recap the events at a Las Vegas nightclub, involving drugs, transvestites, and Alice in Wonderland.
Listen here to Episode Four: “Not Alice!”

Episode Two: Tres Leches Cake

12 Mar

photo (8)Episode 2: “Boston” John Oleary tells us about his favorite dessert and the importance of sharing.

Listen here to Episode Two: “Tres Leches Cake”

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