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Episode 63 “No More Surprises”

26 May

itunes picTransgender comedian Jeffrey Jay tells us about his incredible journey from being born a woman to becoming “Jeffrey” and how he deals with awkward questions.

Listen here to Episode Sixty Three: “No More Surprises”



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Episode 48 “That’s Not My Bag”

10 Feb

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Former cop turned porn producer turned comic, Greg “Spanky” Shearer talks about being interrupted on set of a porn shoot by an unlikely visitor.

Listen here to Episode Forty Eight: “That’s Not My Bag”


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Episode 14: “Guilt Cream”

17 Jun

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Comedian Joe Dosch discovers that volunteer work brings out the worst in people.

Listen here to Episode Fourteen: “Guilt Cream”

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Episode Eight: Now We’re In Love

6 May

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We talk about dating in Los Angeles with comedian Joe Dosch who explains grindr, going out with older men, and a strange post date request. Also, Kristie talks about getting hit on by Tracy Morgan.
Listen here to Episode Eight: “Now We’re In Love”

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