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Episode 89 “Be Charming”

26 Nov

itunes picOn this weeks show Forrest Shaw and Lisa Corrao join us! Forrest talks about his debut appearance on Conan O’ Brien. Lisa talks about her role on Nickelodeon’s show “Every Witch Way”. We also talk Florida, fake kidnappings, people with hooks for hands, and Justin has a stalker.

Listen to Episode Eighty Nine: “Be Charming”

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Listen to Episode Eighty Nine: “Be Charming”

Episode 15 “Is That A Puppy?”

23 Jun

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Comedian/Actor Tone Bell talks about his recent tour after being on the sitcom “Whitney”, including getting recognized in public, performing in the mall of America, and getting propositioned by swingers.

Listen here to Episode Fifteen: “Is That A Puppy?”

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Tone and Justin at the Craig Ferguson Show

Tone and Justin on set of NBC’S “Whitney”

Jagger Bomb Pitchers!

Jager Bomb Pitchers!

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