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Episode 205 “I Think They Were Laughing”

13 Feb

Episode 205 of Foster the Podcast is up! Host Justin Foster and co-host Kristie Marie interview D.J. Demers who talks about moving from Canada to Hollywood, performing on Conan, and the time he had to do a show without his hearing aids. Plus, the craziest “open relationship” story we’ve ever heard. Also: Justin moves in with his girlfriend, fun things to do sober, and how to properly compromise in a relationship. Subscribe in iTunes!

Episode 205 “I Think They Were Laughing”

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Episode 205 “I Think They Were Laughing”

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Episode 18 “I’M James Franco!”

15 Jul

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INSANE EPISODE! Justin and Kristie sit down with comedian Steven Briggs, who tells us about the time he was robbed in Mexico, the time Drew Carey stole his girlfriend, and the time James Franco got him fired.

Listen here to Episode Eighteen: “I’M James Franco!”

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Check out our guest Steven Briggs online at http://stevenbriggscomedy.com

Episode Nine: I Hate Christmas

13 May

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Comedian Chet Wild tells Justin and Kristie the mind blowing and incredible story of how, last year, he discovered his kidney was missing.
Listen here to Episode Nine: “I Hate Christmas”

Episode Six: A Great Guy

22 Apr

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Comedian Richard Bain tells Justin and Kristie what it’s like living next door to a pimp and why you can’t pay strippers with a check.
Listen here to Episode Six: “A Great Guy”

Episode Five: Stranger Danger

15 Apr

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Comedian Drew Lynch tells Justin and Kristie about his awkward experience at a thrift store and why he will no longer do favors for strangers.
Listen here to Episode Five: “Stranger Danger”

Episode Four: Not Alice!

8 Apr

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Justin and Kristie recap the events at a Las Vegas nightclub, involving drugs, transvestites, and Alice in Wonderland.
Listen here to Episode Four: “Not Alice!”

Episode Three: Hydrogen Peroxide

31 Mar

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We talk with comedians Raj Sharma and Tone Bell from NBC’S “Whitney” about practical uses for hydrogen peroxide. Recorded live at the Improv in Addison Texas.
Listen here to Episode Three: “Hydrogen Peroxide”

Episode Two: Tres Leches Cake

12 Mar

photo (8)Episode 2: “Boston” John Oleary tells us about his favorite dessert and the importance of sharing.

Listen here to Episode Two: “Tres Leches Cake”

Episode One: Vegas Vinnie

2 Mar

photo (3)

Intro mini episode from Las Vegas. Captured audio where we meet “Vegas Vinnie”, a Vegas cab driver, who tells us how he spent Valentine’s Day.
Listen here to Episode One: “Vegas Vinnie”




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