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Episode 210 “I’ve Seen Worse”

21 Mar

Episode 210 of Foster the Podcast is up! Host Justin Foster and co-host Kristie Marie interview soldier-turned-comedian Jose Barrientos, who talks about pranking an entire college and ending up on ABC’S 20/20. Plus, Jose’s day job of spying on pimps, hacking into his drug dealing neighbor’s computer, and faking a high school diploma. Subscribe in iTunes!

Episode 210 “I’ve Seen Worse”

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Episode 210 “I’ve Seen Worse”

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Episode 28 “That’s Your Landlord”

23 Sep

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“I earned no points that day”

One of the most outlandish stories we’ve ever heard! James Frey tells Justin and Kristie the infamous story of how he accidentally robbed a drug store.

Listen here to hear Episode Twenty Eight: “That’s Your Landlord”

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Episode 27 “He Was A Great Sport”

16 Sep

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“You just confessed to so many crimes in the last 5 minutes”

Sean Dunn tells us the story of when his frat brothers pulled the ultimate prank on him. Stun guns, “ledging”, and kidnapping, all in one episode!

Listen here to hear Episode Twenty Seven: “He Was A Great Sport”

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9 Aug


Just recorded a TON of new episodes for you that will be coming out every Monday!  Medical testing, picking up girls in India, getting run over by your Dad, “Sharknado” stories, and more!! Be sure to subscribe in itunes to be the first to hear them.

Gotta  crazy story you wanna share? Email me now and we will read it on an upcoming episode!

Episode Thirteen: Back to School

9 Jun

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Comedian Omid Singh tells us about the wort college gig he has performed at and lets us know what not to say to students.
Listen here to Episode Thirteen: “Back to School”

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Episode Ten: Respect the Woods

20 May

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We talk house parties with comedian Nick Guerra who punches a Navy Seal, Justin parties with his Dad, and Kristie steals a snake.
Listen here to Episode Ten: “Respect the Woods”

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