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Episode 15 “Is That A Puppy?”

23 Jun

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Comedian/Actor Tone Bell talks about his recent tour after being on the sitcom “Whitney”, including getting recognized in public, performing in the mall of America, and getting propositioned by swingers.

Listen here to Episode Fifteen: “Is That A Puppy?”

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Tone and Justin at the Craig Ferguson Show

Tone and Justin on set of NBC’S “Whitney”

Jagger Bomb Pitchers!

Jager Bomb Pitchers!

We Want You!

22 Jun

If you haven’t  listened to the show by now, Foster the Podcast is a weekly podcast where we have fellow friends and comedians come on and share a quick story with us. They are bizarre, hilarious, and insane.  Now we’d like to hear from YOU. We will be starting a new segment where we read your stories on air! Have a funny story to tell or need advice on something? Send us an email today or feel free to submit on the form below. The best ones will be read on an upcoming episode. The stories or situations can be as long or as short as you’d like and you can be completely anonymous. So what are you waiting for? Submit away. Who wouldn’t want their story read on air? Look forward to hearing from you.

Episode 14: “Guilt Cream”

17 Jun

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Comedian Joe Dosch discovers that volunteer work brings out the worst in people.

Listen here to Episode Fourteen: “Guilt Cream”

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Episode Thirteen: Back to School

9 Jun

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Comedian Omid Singh tells us about the wort college gig he has performed at and lets us know what not to say to students.
Listen here to Episode Thirteen: “Back to School”

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Episode Twelve: From Russia With Love

3 Jun

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Comedian Lance Paullin breaks numerous laws on his date with an illegal Russian immigrant.
Listen here to Episode Twelve: “From Russia With Love”

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