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Episode Eleven: Why So Serious?

27 May

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Comedian Andrew Berkovich tells Justin and Kristie about pulling the greatest prank of all time on his girlfriend that lands him in police custody.
Listen here to Episode Eleven: “Why So Serious?”

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Ever played a prank on someone? Let us know! Comment below with your favorite prank story!

Episode Ten: Respect the Woods

20 May

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We talk house parties with comedian Nick Guerra who punches a Navy Seal, Justin parties with his Dad, and Kristie steals a snake.
Listen here to Episode Ten: “Respect the Woods”

Comment below with your favorite house party story!

Episode Nine: I Hate Christmas

13 May

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Comedian Chet Wild tells Justin and Kristie the mind blowing and incredible story of how, last year, he discovered his kidney was missing.
Listen here to Episode Nine: “I Hate Christmas”

Episode Eight: Now We’re In Love

6 May

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We talk about dating in Los Angeles with comedian Joe Dosch who explains grindr, going out with older men, and a strange post date request. Also, Kristie talks about getting hit on by Tracy Morgan.
Listen here to Episode Eight: “Now We’re In Love”

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